Sport uses a special type of shoes that gives better traction on melon. You will have to wear these shoes when you slip into a bowling alley, slipping and play to avoid injuries. Some models of bowling . Wipe or dry the slide of your bowling shoes. Do this gently with a damp cloth. To purchase processing powder from pro shop or bowling and rub the powder bag of bowling shoes soles. Use only sells bowling alley powder or pro shop. Bowling comes a pair of shoes for women are fashionable and convenient microfiber upper.


It comes fully lined as well as materials and extensible security measures. These shoes are perfect technology single slide in both foot long coil built textured rubber for better control of the rupture. The price of $ 34 Lymon sport.This can be left or right hand. The foam padding in the language of the collar, spandex tongue straps and a soft micro fiber suede tongue so keep your feet protected. It also comes with tires S4, SST dish around individual and S8, oval stubs and h2 Trix-Dex H5 great for bowlers. The price is the SST 5 LX about Brunswick Zone target White and Black.


This is lightweight and comfortable pair of shoes is very good for the left and right hand. Bowling shoe features a soft and durable shell, padded tongue and collar and blow durable rubber sole. It also has sliders microfiber can protect your feet against injuries. The price varies from dollars. Bowling shoe is perfect for men and women, if you are a beginner or professional. Universal sliding surface is strong support, facilitate excellent performance of the thrower.